Monday, April 23, 2012

I lied

yeah, I lied when I said I wouldn't post anything today

I will post some art...


yeah no I'm sorry midterms kinda have me like


on the outside

and THIS

on the inside

hope you guys are too old/too young to be dealing with this shit, or even better, wise/self-disciplining enough to have moved out of the crushing self-harm of procrastination

Sunday, April 22, 2012

oh god finals oh god

so I don't have anything to post right now cause I'm busy procrastinating on the maya/animation homework that's due tomorrow.

unrelated: I'm seeing Jeff Mangum tomorrow, oh my god

so! instead of posting art like a good kid, here's a recommendation of a way cooler, more imaginative artist than I.

his name is Matt Harward, and I was fortunate enough to have him as a teacher my senior year of high school, due to the magic of ROP classes.

The things he draws are so organic and imaginative, it blows my mind. I've seen him create monsters and angels and abstract landscapes out of nowhere, and make it look easy. And besides all that, he's a good teacher, and encourages radical creativity in every single student in his classes. It's the greatest, and if I ever have the opportunity to teach, I'd wanna teach the way he does.

so here's his website

and here's his blog

and hopefully you'll gain something, some inspiration or new idea from checking out his art, because his imagination is seriously contagious. If you ever meet him in real life, you'll get it. The energy he exudes is like, anti-procrastination karma, just being in his class makes me want to draw for hours.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

cats meow

old picture, watercolor
fun fact! I hate the formatting style of blogs and posting images on them and bleargh. BUT I like blogger better than tumblr, and feel it's a little more professional than deviantart, so here we are.

so yeah, this is from an older Dr. Sketchy's session. I'll be sure to post more art from my dear beloved Dr. Sketchy's soon, when I'm not actually supposed to be doing homework, like right now.

Well hello, denizens of the internet!

I have no clue how you came across my blog, because I suspect it is incredibly low-traffic at this point, and probably will be for a while. BUT! Thank you for visiting it and presumably reading this, because if I type text on a screen and no one is around to read it, does it still exist? ahhhhh okay that's the lamest attempt at conjecture I've attempted in a while. FORGET THAT HAPPENED.

Anyway, here's the goods you possibly came here for:

My name is Naomi, I'm a student at Laguna College of Art and Design. I'm really close to finishing up my first year actually, and should REALLY be working on my goddamn finals right now. But I'm making this blog instead, because here's the thing guys, art isn't coming to me so good right now. I'm fucking serious. Art is hard, and it's hard to get out of the sketching phase even, right now. Like, near impossible. It's a struggle for me to stop procrastinating and make art, it's a struggle to get off the internet and make art, it's a struggle to actually sketch anything I don't hate, and it's near impossible for me to get anything to a finished stage these days.

this is kind of bad.

So I'm attempting to limit most of my internet shenanigans to doing things that are productive, such as HEY OH, blogging art right here. Because I've noticed I tend to do art more when I have an imaginary audience, you know? And I've gotten really complacent lately. SO whether or not you even exist, dear reader, you can exist as some kind of narcissistic motivation in my mind, and that's what counts. So thank you for possibly reading this, O stranger from the internet, and thank you for your motivation.


okay bye. I promise I'm not a total spazz.


- Naomi

Oh by the way I'm an animator, can you tell?

okay bye for reals