Tuesday, May 22, 2012

here's an in-progress screenshot of this, cause I'll probably never finish it. but I like it, and I actually used reference for the pose and stuff, ignore the 5-second background and whatnot a;lskjf;lajksdf

ALSO I went to this last night:

The Development of the Digital Animator!

and I managed to harass john lasseter for some advice as he was leaving, it was pretty great, maybe I'll make a comic about it or something WHO KNOWS

and yeah I'll probably type up the notes I took during the panel and post them here for future reference and stuff

but yeah! hope you guys out there starting summer are having the time of your liiiives

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

gypsy girl

compiled a few sketches from an old dr. sketchy's session, we had this rad bellydancer lady, and she was more covered in jewelry than anyone else I've ever drawn

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dr. Sketchy's 5/13

I have no clue what the theme was, some kinda american hot rod/pin-up/sailor jerry shenanigans, but it was a rad way to spend mother's day, that's for sure, cause errbody at dr. sketchy's is one bad motherfucker :o

Friday, May 11, 2012

of caricatures and souls

ehh I'm kinda rusty at caricature right now so these could be better. but they could also be worse, so...

in case you can't tell, they're Nixon, Dr. Frank'n'Furter, John Lennon, Pamela Anderson, Twiggy, and Audrey Hepburn.
I like how Pamela Anderson turned out, but I regret not making her boobs five thousand times bigger :I


no big deal just a cleaned up version because sometimes I'm classy like that

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


so some friends of mine are friends with the members of The Bananarchists, a local punk band. and after seeing them play, I felt compelled to do some art. And lo and behold, the guys liked it, and now I'm slated to do some more BANANARCHY! art for these guys. But seriously you guys oughta check 'em out, I think they embody the punk scene wayyyyy better than 90% of the bands out there calling themselves punk these days

so yeah, look forward to the colored version + more bananarchy!!

I apologize in advance for the, uh....

for the pedo-bait. There's no other way to put it

but I really liked how I inked this drawing. Not the inking itself, cause there's all kind of technical things wrong with it. But the process of inking it, it was nice.

I'll probably take the yellow tinge off it and actually shade it. I just wanted it to have an old, gross feel to it, like the feel of a photograph that's been kinda bleached from the sun.

As I was drawing it, one of the guys in class came up and was kinda like "....oh!" in a mildly surprised way, you know what I mean? Cause most artists don't draw pedo-bait (that's a lie, I guess most artists don't do it so CASUALLY haha) but anyway I was like "yeahhhh I'm really glad I'm a girl, otherwise I'd be labeled a total creeper, just some guy drawing ladies all the time."

so yeah overall, I feel that this sketch isn't particularly scandalous. If anything, it's the overwhelming innocence of it that makes it kinda perverted, you know what I mean?

but yeah. I've noticed that I CONSTANTLY DRAW LADIES ALL THE TIME, so I promise I'll draw and post some dudes.

also, finals are killing me deeeead

but here's some motivation in case you guys need it