Monday, August 12, 2013

Splendor Device's Chroma GoGo: a Lisa Frank Tribute - a late weekly blog post but whatever

you heard that right folks, LISA FRANK TRIBUTE. 

"What's Splendor Device?" Splendor Device is an all-female artist collective, mostly made up of local socal girls with some international artists. As you can see above, Splendor Device is comprised of 100% badass ladies (and some cute puppies)

Our show at the hive was intense. Imagine a Lisa Frank acid trip, while you're traveling back in time to the '90s, and frolicking with unicorns on rainbows. That's... that's basically what it was like.


And here's my pieces! Above is 'Lisa Fetus', and below is 'Leprosy Frank' 

I was also briefly a candy girl! People got pretty excited over those ring pops.
Oh, and that mysterious mystery boy in the gravity falls hat would be my boyfriend, and since this is my blog I'm gonna gossip about him endlessly link you to his blog, since he's also a story artist! (And a pretty damn good one, but whatever I said no gossiping)

If you'd like to see some of the work, it'll be up at the Hive until August 31st! Also, you can check out all of Splendor Device's pieces on the Hive gallery's website

Seriously check them out, some of the pieces BLEW MY MIND. I never realized neon paint, glitter, and hypnotic cats could be so appealing 

 And, just for sticking it out through this whole blog post, here's a 100% candid true-to-everyday-life portrait of me and Preston, taken by photo wizard lady Amy Kaplan

Monday, August 5, 2013

Queen Bee

It's hardly Monday and I've already done a thing! WOAH!

It's been a while since I've posted anything here, but this time it's with good reason! No, really!

Since May I've been in an intensive stop motion workshop taught by Stephen Chiodo, created a five minute stop motion film with a group of incredibly talented individuals, had two art pieces displayed at the Hive gallery in LA, and been swept away by the whirlwind of comic con. It's been pretty hectic! No excuse for not blogging though. HOWEVERRRR I have a gentlemen's wager (not really cause I'm a lady and it's not a wager, it's more of a casual agreement) with my boyfriend that we must post art on our blogs once a week, minimum. So hey, if you like my sloppy doodles of pretty ladies and disjointed valley girl verbage, you're in luck!

I'm too hyped up on coffee to make a massive blog post right now, but expect future blog posts about my ventures in stop motion and pastels and junk!

OH and if you have an instagram, follow me @spacecadetnaomi for more doodles that are too untidy (even by my standards) for my other social networks!

-- Naomi