Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hey Ladieeees

As usual, my blog is nothing but scantily clad/nude lady drawings. But that's not a bad thing, right??

I had an idea to draw cheesecakey pinup ladies whenever I start to procrastinate, but then I realized that I already do that. 

I couldn't figure out which colored version I like more, the top one is the color scheme I was working with, the bottom one is when I clicked 'auto levels' to see what photoshop would do. I like both!

I recently started a couple of really great classes with Mark McDonnell and Will Weston. I'm going to try and scan all my homework/classwork and post it here. Haven't gotten around to scanning my homework for Weston's class yet, but here's my in-class sketches from McDonnell's class.

These were all 2-4 minute poses. It's a really fun class! Definitely looking forward to every session :)

^^^ The one on the left here is Mark's drawing. He's a great teacher, he came around to everyone in the class to sit and work with them

That's all for now! But you can bet I'll have more curvy ladies next time (and hopefully some guys. I really need to draw more guys!)