Tuesday, February 18, 2014

two very different things

here's some finished things! I've been sketching endlessly but not finishing a lot of illustrations lately. Or at least, not finishing it beyond putting a hard line on it and sticking a picture of it on instagram. Here's a couple things, the first image was just playing around with proportion and color, the second image is a goofy little tribute to One Piece, since I've gotten really into it the last couple months, and am almost caught up with the 700+ chapters of it, heheh (I totally recommend it btw. I keep desperately trying to find people who like it so I can gush about it)


I've been so inactive on here lately! Here are some things that have happened:

my classes ended! I had finals!
I travelled to New Zealand and the Cook Islands over winter break
I'm in more classes again! they're more intense than ever

Hopefully I'll post a bit more here before I get sucked into the swirling sea of ENDLESS STORYBOARDS